How much is knowledge worth?

In today's knowledge-based economy, knowledge is a key resource. Therefore, employees with their competencies and tacit knowledge are central success factors. Can you estimate how much time employees spend looking for information? According to studies, one fifth of their working time!

But knowledge is often already available inside the organization. There are tools and strategies for knowledge management. Is it possible to calculate whether these are being used successfully in your company? Our answer is yes!

Calculator and coins

In our experience, the exchange of IT knowledge depends on three key factors:

  1. How are the teams organized?
  2. What tools are available and how are they used?
  3. What methods are used for knowledge sharing?

We query these factors in our Return-on-Invest Calculator. The questions are simple and self-explanatory and take less than ten minutes to answer.

After submitting the questionnaire, the ROI calculator determines your personal result. You can also receive a free document with a detailed evaluation of the situation in your organization by email. The PDF file contains individual notes on your answers, and also recommendations for action on each topic from the experiences of the 8Buddy founders.


  • The 8Buddy ROI calculator gives you an indication of the time wasted searching for knowledge in your organization and how much money can potentially be saved.
  • The free PDF contains recommendations for action which can be implemented without using 8Buddy as well as information on how using 8Buddy helps.